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A widespread and recognized by landlords and brokers approach is also the presentation of a paid Jenny credit rating. The bill is paid too late and the problems begin: The house bank does not want to grant credit because of the negative Jenny. Other major banks charge undue interest on negative Jenny entries. Without Jenny information to find the best internet connection without credit check, use our free DSL comparison calculator and make a price comparison. The instant lending business without Jenny is ideal when things need to be done quickly.

Jenny information for the host at a reasonable price

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While many of the financial statements require the companies you become clients to obtain a credit report from Jenny, you generally need to provide these when you want to conclude a lease agreement for a property or a residential property. Even the Jenny can usually inform itself about its customers only with larger enterprises.

If your landlord does not belong to it and is not a Jenny customer, he will ask for the information from you. Of course you are free to omit this information. You can either just provide the Jenny information or search for something else.

In the Jenny

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In the long form “protection community for general credit protection”, the information about the creditworthiness of several thousand potential contracting parties in the Federal Republic are prepared.

If you would like to be informed about what has been deposited with us, the service myJenny is at your side. With a lifetime account, you can view your listing at any time. In addition, you can obtain Jenny information on reduced terms. If you request information about myJenny, you pay only 7.80 USD.

Even cheaper are the so-called “web codes”. These are credentials that allow you to provide third parties with unique access to your Jenny data via the Web.

For each individual data type you choose

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You can specify in which area your information should be retrievable. If you would like to be informed immediately about changes in your database, you can use the update service, which notifies you of changes via e-mail or text message.

The application is free of charge in some branches of Easy Credit and Nordisbank. 8 Norisbank branches throughout Germany are also on offer at Jenny. Conclusion: If you want to rent a house or apartment, you often have to provide your future owner with information about the Jenny for their own account. If you register for free at one of easy-credit’s branches or one of the Noris banks for the online service MeineJenny, you benefit from reduced conditions and can view the information stored about you at any time.