Colorado plans to ban single-use plastic bags by 2024

DENVER (AP) – Colorado will ban single-use plastic bags and styrofoam food containers in 2024, under a law signed by Governor Jared Polis.

Colorado Politics reports the law signed Tuesday allows retail stores to use up their inventory by June 1, 2024 and to charge customers 10 cents per bag from January 1, 2023. SNAP or grocery brand, attendees pay no fee, and small shops with three or less locations, farmers markets, and street stalls are exempt.

Grocery retailers have until January 1st, 2024 to use up their inventory of styrofoam takeaway food containers.

Proponents argue that reducing the use of plastic bags and styrofoam containers, which never fully decompose, can reduce pollution of rivers and oceans, reduce the burden on landfills and reduce the burden on waste management. Restaurants and retailers, which have been hard hit financially by the coronavirus pandemic, opposed the legislation.

The law allows local governments to issue stricter bans. Denver on July 1 waived a 10 cents fee for plastic and disposable paper bags.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says eight other states have banned single-use bags: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.

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