Defense removing waste from Sydney Harbour

New Australian technology is helping clean up Sydney Harbor and shows how we can remove more plastic and other pollution from our waterways.

Trials of Seabin’s new Smart technology at Sydney Harbor Defense sites have removed 6,000 pounds of plastic, fuel and cleaning supplies from Sydney Harbor over the past 12 months, and there are plans to expand the technology.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley yesterday visited Garden Island with Wentworth member David Sharma, where the Seabin trial was removing 140 kilograms of litter a week, including a piece of plastic every 40 seconds.

Secretary of Defense Industry and Science and Technology Melissa Price said the defense process had exceeded all expectations and three permanent units would be maintained on Garden Island.

“Over a two-week period, the Seabins captured 6,198 debris from Sydney Harbour, including 3,500 microfibers and microplastics and 2,000 unidentified plastic debris,” Minister Price said.

“This is Australian technology that costs as little as $1 a day to run and can have huge environmental benefits.”

Environment Secretary Sussan Ley said the year-long trial, involving the MoD and its industrial partner Veolia Environmental Services, is an example of the government’s commitment to tackling waste and recycling.

“We cannot keep throwing plastic into our oceans and it starts with getting our waste into the recycling bin where it belongs,” Minister Ley said.

“The industry is certainly strengthening at the same time, and innovative technologies like the Seabin are a key example.”

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