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Could the Delta variant trigger a spike in coronavirus cases in Chicago? Chicago’s top doc got involved on the matter.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Illinois Coronavirus Pandemic Today:

Coronavirus in Illinois: 2,120 new COVID cases, 54 deaths, 288,000 vaccinations last week

Illinois health officials reported 2,120 new confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus as of last Friday, as well as 54 additional deaths and more than 288,000 new vaccine doses administered.

A total of 1,392,552 coronavirus cases have been reported in the state since the pandemic began. The additional deaths reported this week bring the state to 23,245 confirmed COVID deaths.

The state has conducted 234,527 tests since last Friday, bringing the total to more than 25.8 million tests conducted during the pandemic.

More on Illinois COVID statistics.

Could the Delta variant lead to another surge in Chicago? Here’s what City’s top doc thinks

Could concern about the Delta variant lead to another surge in Chicago worldwide, as the new variant is believed to be behind multiple surges?

The city’s top doc says it can, but because of vaccinations, she doesn’t think a potential spike in cases will be like the spike in 2020.

“The good news is with vaccines here, you know, I’m not expecting the big increases like we’ve seen with one or two because they keep protecting against variants,” said Dr. Allison Arwady, Commissioner for the Chicago Department of Health.

While Arwady and other officials have predicted that the Delta variant will become the dominant variant in Chicago and Illinois in the coming months, “that in itself is not necessarily a cause for concern,” she said.

“My concern is if we see an increase it would be a lot [be] focuses on unvaccinated parts of Chicago, but I don’t think if we don’t see a new variant we’re prepared for a big surge that threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system where we’re going to have to make the big big shutdowns. ” “The hope is that we will be able to control it and really move the vaccine forward. Obviously I would rather avoid that and just try to get people vaccinated now, but I think we are on our way. “

However, Arwady noted that new variants could continue to emerge and threaten the effectiveness of the vaccine.

More about the Delta variant and Chicago.

Delta variant: What you should know about the new version of Coronavirus Sparking Concern

Concerns about the delta coronavirus variant are growing in both Chicago and Illinois, but what about the new variant that worries some?

Here is a full list of what we know so far about the variant itself, and what to see in Chicago and Illinois.

Chicago Laboratory is keeping an eye on the spread of Delta variant COVID cases

Amid growing concerns about the Delta Coronavirus variant, which is rapidly spreading in the United States, a lab in Chicago is tracking cases across the city and providing insight into how quickly the variant has caught on.

Scientists from the Regional Innovative Public Health Lab in Rush were hired by the city of Chicago to analyze coronavirus samples to find out which strains of coronavirus are spreading in the city.

“We just need to know what is in town (to investigate) if the dominant tribes are changing here,” said Dr. Stefan Green, Director of the Genomics and Microbiome Core Facility at Rush.

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