Codash Thu, 24 Nov 2022 01:37:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Codash 32 32 The Environment Bank is rolling out the Habitat Bank across the UK to promote biodiversity Thu, 24 Nov 2022 01:37:26 +0000

York-based Environment Bank is rolling out its Habitat Bank product across the country to boost biodiversity and fight the climate crisis.

A “habitat bank” is a piece of land on which habitats are restored, created or enhanced. The latest Habitat Bank is being created in Milton Keynes and one is already underway in Devon.

Milton Keynes’ first Habitat Bank is established with the help of local landowner Joseph Soul along with the Environment Bank and its team of ecologists. The Environment Bank conducts habitat creation and restoration projects to support biodiversity across the country.

Mr. Soul is also receiving support from lead ecologist Sophie Moy and her team and this will continue throughout the project.

The Environment Bank team of Principal Ecologists (LR) Tom Rothero, Sue Charlton, Louise Martland, Rob Wreglesworth and Sophie Moy

A spokesperson said: “Environment Bank and the Soul family are committed to achieving a biodiverse landscape with defined habitat types and conditions within a targeted timeframe. This restoration project will be fully built over the next 10 years and will be maintained and managed for at least 30 years.”

Commenting on the project, Ms Moy said. “I am delighted to be working with Joseph to establish the first Habitat Bank in Milton Keynes, which I know will deliver great outcomes for nature and biodiversity.

“At the Environment Bank, we are about creating real and lasting positive change for biodiversity by creating a more functional and resilient natural landscape.

“In a site like Mr. Soul’s, spanning 38 hectares, this project promises a landscape-scale restoration of nature. By creating a mosaic of species-rich grasslands, native mixed scrub and hedgerows, we will create habitats capable of supporting richer and more lush biodiversity and contributing to biodiversity restoration at the local scale.”

San Diego Unified School District students’ COVID-19 immunization mandate is struck down again in court Wed, 23 Nov 2022 15:00:21 +0000

A state appeals court on Nov. 22 ruled against the San Diego Unified School District’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for students, which has been on hold for six months.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court’s ruling last December that school districts cannot impose their own vaccination requirements for students and that only the state can require a vaccine for school attendance.

“This is a huge win for children and the rule of law and ensures consistency across the country,” said Lee Andelin, attorney for Let Them Choose, an offshoot of the San Diego County-based group Let Them Breathe, which is suing San Diego Unified over its student COVID vaccination requirement last year.

SDUSD, which operates five public schools in La Jolla, is reviewing the appeals court ruling and “will be considering its next steps,” district spokesman Mike Murad said in an email.

The appeals court dismissed several defenses by San Diego Unified to its student immunization mandate, including that it meets the district’s responsibility to keep students safe and healthy, that school districts can create programs to “meet local needs,” and that compulsory vaccination is not really a mandate as it allows students to study independently at home if they choose not to be vaccinated.

“We doubt that students and their parents exercise real choice,” the appeals court wrote. “For some, studying independently would probably be a step backwards.”

San Diego Unified first passed the COVID vaccination mandate for students in September 2021 and was one of the few districts in California to have such a requirement for students of its own.

The mandate would have required students aged 16 and over to be vaccinated by December 20 last year in order to attend school in person and take part in extracurricular activities. Students were granted exceptions on medical grounds, but not on personal beliefs.

However, due to the legal challenge to Let Them Choose and the resulting timing issues, the district never fully enforced the student mandate.

In May, the district decided to suspend the mandate until at least July 2023, in part due to lower efficacy of vaccines against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus and delays in full federal approval of the vaccines for children under 16 years of age.

Since the spring, there has been little discussion of student immunization requirements in California as public tolerance of COVID-19 restrictions and concerns about the virus have waned. ◆

Traveling theater shows the coastal fishermen the environmental pollution Tue, 22 Nov 2022 14:25:45 +0000


Art reflects society, reflects our actions and natural phenomena.

So what do creatives do when the oceans rebel?

This is what is happening in the world today. Climate change and marine pollution are negatively impacting life on Earth, and there are communities that are affected and don’t understand why.

Kenyan artist Caroline Ngorobi, 37, has decided to take climate and pollution issues down to Kenya’s coastal communities.

Ngorobi is Creative Director at Jukwaa Arts, a Mombasa-based creative arts group that uses theater in education to deal with modern problems.

In her latest project, a festival called Bahari Huru, Swahili for “free oceans,” Ngorobi tells stories about the importance of ocean conservation to spark conversations about how pollution happens, who is polluting, why, and what solutions communities can offer to help they avoid more pitfalls.


Community art project

It does this through a community-focused arts and theater performance project that aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the marine environment.

She simplified the performance by using everyday “themes” familiar to her audience, such as fish, mangroves, turtles, and ocean tides. She has given these subjects personalities to evoke emotions so that the fish in the performances cry out for a clean environment to live and reproduce or die; the mangroves are crying out for help to avoid being destroyed; Turtles just run away to escape from humans and oceans, the source of all these lives gets angry and lashes out by overrunning land. These are all symbols of dwindling fish stocks and depleted mangrove forests and rising sea levels, all of which are effects of climate change and marine pollution.

The 10-day arts festival in three coastal districts in Kenya simplified the most complex terminologies, theories and research papers to tell stories about the environment while addressing social issues.

As a poet and performer, Ngorobi uses performing and visual arts, music, and fuses poetry, music and dance theater to bring the themes to life. For example, the Visual Arts category featured a filmmaker whose production was a film about the impact of climate change on the cultivation of coconuts, a subsistence crop on the coast.

Informal setting

The festival took place at the Pallet Café in Diani on the south coast of Kenya, an inclusive beachfront restaurant where the audience – students, invited guests and members of the local community – sit on mats, lessons or benches on the beach. Watch the performances in a very informal environment.

The performance is highly interactive and the audience laughs, cries and comments as “Marine” characters express their frustration with the background music of drums setting the mood.

Mary Favor, who plays a mangrove character, sings a melodious tune that captures the audience’s attention in her unique costume, a jumpsuit with stripes of green rags down the arms and chest. She is painted green around her eyes, the same color as her braided hair. It stands out as a mangrove tree.

The songs used in the production were written by the artists during the residency, where everyone was expected to come up with an artwork. These were later put together by the game master to form a meaningful piece.

“I played the mangroves and my role was important because I feel like sometimes we ignore the vital function of mangrove forests. We simplified it to let communities know that as the marine ecosystem is interdependent, they are home to all sea creatures including fish,” Ms Favor said after her performance.

She said they used skits to break down scientific data for the common person in the community. They also use simple language and dramatic costumes to communicate with children as well.

Right on the beach

The cast designed the costumes, which were sewn by a seamstress. The beachfront venues, all chosen because they are collaborative, site-specific and open to the community without restriction. I interviewed her on the “set,” a beach littered with marine debris but set up to represent all continents. Ngorobi said this is important to illustrate the scale of pollution around the world. “I wanted this to be provocative and make people realize our world is garbage.

“If someone asks you to point out your country, would you be proud to touch a used plastic bag or net?” she poses.

She said you’d rather touch the ocean, which is blue and clear. “But how long?”

She said the backdrop symbolizes that the garbage in the ocean doesn’t come from the sea, but from the continents where people live.

To get the community to watch the play, she used community opinion leaders.

art and science speak

The festival also included an Arts and Science Lecture where researchers, physicians and experts debated with artists to see how to bridge the communication gap for the benefit of the community.

The performances and talks aimed to challenge communities to action and stimulate conversations about climate change and the sustainability of the blue economy.

For 10 days of the walking festival, there was an art exhibition through Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale counties, whose populations depend heavily on the ocean for their livelihood. The festival targeted both urban and rural communities along the Kenyan coast.

Ms. Ngorobi is an art grantee from Bakanal De Afrique.

“I wanted it to be as relatable as possible. In Watamu, for example, we did our performance on the beach in the middle of mangrove forests. So the fishermen watched the entire performance and later said through our engagement that they understood the concept,” Ms. Ngorobi said.

She said a fisherman confessed to killing turtles for meat but promised to stop learning the potential impact of his actions.

Larger audience reach

The play will be performed in English, Swahili and Mijikenda languages ​​to reach a wider audience. She said the idea is to bring information that lives online to fishermen. She was pleased that communities were responding with their own concerns about the disappearance of mangroves and fish stocks and discussions about how to replenish them through local initiatives.

The festival is taking place for the second time after last year.

Ms. Ngorobi explains similar activities, and enhanced art performances are expected to take place over the next three years as the festival is a five-year project.

How to borrow wisely to make it easier to use credit Mon, 21 Nov 2022 14:16:33 +0000


I moved from an undergraduate program in college to a two-year degree program at a technical school in order to be more employable while I work on my related degree. However, my college course load was flexible. I lost that with the diploma program. This is a full-time course load with lots of homework. In order to maintain my high grades, I had to reduce my work time, which leaves me strapped for money. I’m trying to decide if I should take out a student loan or not. I was recently approved for a credit limit increase on my credit card, which will help me as well. What should I consider before applying for a loan? ~Ethan


Continuing your education and making sure you have marketable skills when you’re done is a wise course of action. There are many ways to do this, and it sounds like you’ve thought about how to achieve your educational and career goals. However, I encourage you to expand your planning to include making smart choices for your finances as well. How you manage your money and how much credit you use while pursuing your education will have a direct impact on the decade after you graduate.

Borrowing money is a big decision. This involves researching rates, choosing the right product and lender, and entering into a legal contract with terms and conditions that work for you now and for the long term. While some forms of debt are seen as good and some as bad, we all know what they say about too good a thing!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your borrowing decisions:

Determine how much you can afford for payments

When applying for a loan, it is important to

think about your budget

. If you haven’t set your budget, this should be step 1. You need to know where you stand and if you can afford other payments before speaking with a lender. A lender will calculate how much they can lend you based on your gross (pre-tax) income. This is very different from balancing your overall expenses against your net income (after tax).

Student loans are unique. Payments are not required as long as you remain in school. Although initially this makes it easier to get the loan, it masks what you will face once you leave school. Payouts can be substantial if you’ve used

student loans

to finance a lifestyle and not just your studies.

Decide how much money you need to borrow

Decide for yourself how much you need or want to borrow before speaking with a lender. Borrowing as much as a friend, family member or colleague is not a useful measuring stick. Unless they make your payments for you, only borrow what your budget realistically allows.

How much debt is too much?

Determine why you need the money

Part of deciding how much to borrow comes down to determining why you need the money. If you need money for a particular purchase, such as a laptop computer, versus assistance with living expenses, such as those during a two-year program, it may be easier to determine how much you you need. However, let your budget guide you. This will also be the best way to determine your monthly shortfall if you need small amounts of money over a period of time.

Because credit comes at a cost, if you run out of money each month, before considering a student loan or supplementing your income with a credit card, ask yourself if there are other options to fill the gap. difference. Can you temporarily reduce some of your expenses? Is there any chance you could take on a roommate or sell your car to eliminate the monthly loan payment? Could you take a job at a restaurant to get some of your meals for less? Managing our finances and balancing our budget always comes down to a series of small decisions. Do them wisely and adjust them as your situation changes.

Why a payday loan won’t solve your money problem

Find the best way to borrow what you need

Borrowing wisely and using credit wisely are related, but they are not the same thing. Before taking out a loan, credit card, cell phone contract, mortgage, student loan, or any other form of credit, research the right product, lender, interest rate, and terms and conditions. Although you can do some of your research online, it will be important to speak with various lenders to fully understand your options.

What do lenders look at when you apply for credit?

With some forms of credit, you will borrow a specific amount and be required to make fixed payments over the life of the loan. A car loan or even a mortgage works this way. With other forms of credit, you are approved up to a certain limit. Credit cards and lines of credit work this way. You are then only responsible for payments on the part you use. Although payments may initially be smaller, the temptation to spend up to your limit is greater. This is where borrowing wisely collides with using the credit you have been given wisely.

The essentials for borrowing money wisely

Some forms of credit, such as a student loan or mortgage, can get off to a good start and seem like a smart borrowing choice. However, when you overwork yourself, even debt that creates value or wealth can turn bad. If you need help making sure this doesn’t happen to you, contact a

non-profit credit counseling agency in your area

. They’ll be happy to walk you through the steps to borrow wisely, use credit wisely, and know what you’ll be up against when it comes time to make payments. And if you’re already overwhelmed, they’ll be happy to help you get back on track.

Related reading:

5 warning signs that you have too much debt

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The 5 Best Things Young Adults and Graduates Can Do for Their Finances

Scott Hannah is president of the Credit Counseling Society, a non-profit organization. For more information on managing your money or debt, contact Scott by



or call 1-888-527-8999.

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China is growing “too slowly”: top state economist Mon, 21 Nov 2022 06:43:03 +0000

BEIJING — China’s economy has been growing too slowly this year and is not within a reasonable range, said Mr. Yang Wemin, a member of the country’s top political advisory body, at the 13th Caixin Summit, stressing the importance of striking a balance between development and find regulation. and economic expansion and non-economic goals.

“The biggest risk in economic development these days is that the growth rate is too slow,” Mr. Yang said in a video speech to a panel audience in Beijing on Friday.

High-quality development should balance quality and quantity, said Mr. Yang, deputy director of the economic committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

During the high-quality growth phase, China should keep its economic expansion pace within “reasonable limits” or there will be “significant impact” on the internal workings and future development of the economy, he said, adding that growth remains too slow persists must be reversed in good time.

China’s top policymakers have repeatedly promised to allow the economy to grow at a reasonable rate. However, the country’s GDP grew just 3 percent year-on-year in the first three quarters of 2022, well below its annual target of around 5.5 percent, as waves of coronavirus outbreaks and strict containment measures in line with Beijing’s “zero Covid policies have hit business, production and market expectations.

A years-long industry-wide real estate slump caused by tight regulation is also weighing on economic growth.

It is difficult for China’s full-year growth to reach even 5 percent, said Liu Shijin, also deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee, during the same Caixin Summit. Mr. Liu’s comments echoed many economists who have said China is likely to miss its annual growth target.

To eradicate infections in communities, in line with the “zero Covid” policy, local governments often apply strict control measures, such as:

From January to September, the three provincial-level regions in mainland China whose economies have shrunk year after year — Hainan, Shanghai and Jilin — all experienced large-scale lockdowns sometime this year.

Pushing China’s economic growth back into a reasonable range requires dynamic balance between various goals, Mr. Yang said. The economic growth rate cannot be the only indicator that matters, nor can China put any other indicator above everything else and sacrifice economic development, he said.

According to Mr. Yang, a balance must also be maintained between development and regulation. Regulation should aim for healthier and rule-based development of the regulated, and policymakers should stick to long-term goals rather than trying to solve problems overnight, Mr Yang said.

Authorities cannot be accused of issuing policies based on the perspectives of their own departments or localities, but they should also consider the broader implications of the policies they put in place, he said.

Chinese authorities have tightened regulations for sectors like big tech and after-school tutoring, broadly phasing out the latter over the past year. These crackdowns contributed to China’s economic slowdown and high youth unemployment as companies shrank stores, laid off employees and slowed hiring.

To motivate the private sector, there should be some policy certainty, with improved policies to reverse business expectations, Mr Yang said. CAIXIN WORLDWIDE

No farm visits by the Oireachtas Committee prior to the release of the Biodiversity Report Sat, 19 Nov 2022 17:30:03 +0000

An Oireachtas committee — which has just released a new biodiversity report that includes 15 recommendations on agriculture and land use — has confirmed that not a single member has visited a single farm as part of its “stakeholder engagements.”

The Joint Committee on the Environment and Climate Protection has launched a 63-page page Biodiversity reportwhich makes 75 recommendations, on Friday (November 18).

The report is primarily based on evidence gathered by the committee, made up of 15 bipartisan TDs and senators, from a series of stakeholder meetings and three submissions.

According to the Committee’s Cathaoirleach, Deputy Brian Leddin, the report “shows the way” for Ireland to “restore biodiversity in nature and best utilize the benefits associated with diverse ecosystems to mitigate climate change“.

“A key element in restoring biodiversity on land is the implementation of a robust agri-environmental scheme that would give farmers greater incentives to protect and create areas of biodiversity on their land.

“There should be more collaboration with landowners to provide tailored solutions for peatland restoration,” said Deputy Leddin.

In the report, the Oireachtas Committee identified a number of key issues that arose from its work, including agriculture and land use.

The committee stressed that it had heard from stakeholders that “there is ample evidence that the interactions between agriculture and land use and the environment are unsustainable”.

She was also informed by stakeholders that a ‘business-as-usual’ approach to the agricultural sector “is not consistent with the climate ambitions of the European Union or Ireland’s national policies”.

One focus of the report is questions about peatlands and emissions from agriculture and land use.

One of the committee’s recommendations is “the urgent ending of drainage from peatlands and peatlands for agriculture” and the establishment of a national peatland unit to develop action plans.

The report also describes how the committee heard a wide range of evidence from stakeholders.

These included reducing emissions from nitrogen fertilizers, the potential of food additives to reduce methane emissions from livestock, and that the “most immediate solution to reducing methane emissions” is to reduce animal numbers.

“Stakeholders pointed to the lack of CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) incentives to reduce livestock numbers and reiterated that agricultural emissions have not decreased in recent years.”

In its most recent report, the committee ‘agreed’ that ‘intensive farming’ and the drainage of land for agricultural use had ‘played an important role in the loss of diversity in Ireland’s landscapes’.

It also noted that this loss was not entirely due to land in Ireland and that the marine environment was “also severely affected”.

The Joint Environment and Climate Action Committee also acknowledged that farmers would “shop” to “farm land better”.

“The committee cited the view that greater investment in agriculture and local communities is needed to get farmers to do more than just deliver food from their land, to improve and provide air quality and water and recreation spaces .”

In the report, the committee presents 15 specific recommendations for agriculture and land use.

“The Committee recommends that greater efforts should be made to ensure that human activities such as agricultural intensification and afforestation do not further contribute to biodiversity decline.”

Another recommendation outlines the need to implement a “robust agri-environmental program so that farmers are no longer penalized for having areas of biodiversity and wildlife habitat on their land”.

Although the report’s recommendations could have significant implications for day-to-day farming operations, the committee confirmed this agricultural land that none of the 15 members had visited a single farm specifically in relation to their last report.

Deputy Leddin, however, said he was confident the committee’s latest report was representative of the views of farming families and communities by including stakeholders.

Joint Environment and Climate Action Committee, Cathaoirleach, Deputy Brian Leddin

The committee worked with Macra and heard evidence from its president, John Keane, and four other executive members of the organization.

The committee also heard from Dr. Brendan Dunford from Burrenbeo Trust in Co Galway, Con Traas from Apple Farm in Co Tipperary and Donal Sheehan from Bride Project in Co Cork.

Deputy Leddin tells agricultural land:

“Members of this committee go to farms a lot, we’re used to going to farms, so I don’t think the committee is lacking in that regard.

“In the course of our deliberations, we actually also had two meetings with the Oireachtas Joint Agriculture Committee. I don’t think it’s fair to say that this committee is unaware.

“We are a cross-party committee representing a wide range of political views and also a geographical spread – both urban and rural. We are absolutely aware of the challenges facing agriculture and no one on this committee wants to go forward and not propose a fair way forward for agriculture.”

At the start of the flu season, vaccination is crucial | News, Sports, Jobs Fri, 18 Nov 2022 05:44:23 +0000

LMH Health, 325 Maine St., is pictured in May 2021. The Community Blood Center, which announced a blood supply emergency Monday, is Lawrence Hospital’s blood supplier.

The flu has become much less common over the past two years, in large part due to precautions taken by the public during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While flu season is difficult to predict, experts expect a comeback this fall.

“Predictions about the severity of the upcoming flu season are based on viral activity in the southern hemisphere,” said Dr. Christopher Penn, infectious diseases physician at LMH Health’s Internal Medicine Group. “Australia has had a particularly difficult year related to influenza infections, so we expect to see something similar in the United States.”

We are already seeing an increase in flu activity across much of the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As more people relax their COVID-19 precautions and stop wearing masks, it will lead to more cases of the flu and other respiratory viruses.

“There’s a chance we’re going to see what’s called a ‘twindemic,’ with high flu rates and a surge in COVID-19 cases,” Penn said. “This is an ongoing problem as we are already seeing co-infections with COVID-19 and RSV in children.”


If You Have a Cough or Soreness Should You Worry You Have the Flu? Could it be COVID-19?

“Many of the typical flu symptoms overlap with other viral respiratory diseases, including COVID-19,” Penn said. “General aches and pains, fever and cough are the most common symptoms and are usually more severe than the typical seasonal cold.”

If you have symptoms, it’s important to see a doctor. You may need to get tested for both the flu and COVID-19. Penn said it’s best to first see your GP or an outpatient clinic if you don’t have a GP.

“By all means, call the clinic before you head out so you can let them know you have symptoms,” Penn said.

Avoid the emergency room unless you have severe symptoms, including:

• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

• Skin or lips with a bluish tint

• Pain or pressure in your chest or abdomen

• Sudden dizziness or frequent dizzy spells

• Confusion

• Severe or persistent vomiting


The flu can be difficult to cope with, especially for older adults and young children. With simple measures you can help protect yourself and relieve the health system this autumn and winter.

Penn said it’s important to practice good hand hygiene, wear a mask and get plenty of sleep. You should also stay at home if you feel sick.

But one of the most important things you can do now to prevent disease is getting the flu vaccination.

“We recommend getting the flu vaccine in October, but it’s not too late to get one and increase your protection from the virus. It can be given along with the bivalent COVID-19 booster, so you can get both at the same time,” Penn said.

Chris Lawrenz, LMH Health’s pharmacy director, said that while vaccines can’t prevent all cases of the flu, they do make it less likely that you’ll get seriously ill.

“Just like you wouldn’t play football without a helmet and pads, you shouldn’t face the flu season without a vaccine,” she said. “Think of vaccines as your protective gear. You could still be attacked by the virus, but the risk of hospitalization and serious illness is greatly reduced.”

Many people who are at higher risk of getting the flu or having serious complications are not getting enough vaccinations. This includes patients and healthcare workers in long-term or nursing care, adults aged 65 and over, and adults of any age with certain underlying medical conditions.

The CDC’s most recent available data from the 2020-21 influenza season showed a vaccination coverage of:

• Approximately 41% among non-Hispanic Black adults and Hispanic adults

• Approximately 51% of adults aged 18 to 64 have diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, kidney disease or cancer

• Approximately 75% in adults aged 65 and over

• Approximately 76% of all health workers

Lawrenz said the vaccine can have side effects, but there’s no way it can give you the virus.

“The vaccine is made with an inactive version of the flu virus, which means it’s not contagious,” she said. “You may experience side effects such as a headache, muscle aches, or low-grade fever, but that doesn’t mean you have the flu.”

After the vaccination you will be well protected against the flu in about two weeks. The flu shot offers protection for four to six months, although the duration can vary and depends on the strength of your immune system.

You can get a flu vaccine from your general practitioner, the Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health Service, and many local pharmacies. Visit to find a location near you.

“Getting the flu shot is a safe and easy way to do your part to fight the flu. Do this to protect yourself, your loved ones and the community,” Lawrenz said.

— Autumn Bishop is Marketing Manager and Content Strategist at LMH Health, a major sponsor of Journal-World’s health division.

Non-profit Ocean Cleanup not only hits milestone, but “saves two bears” in Sungai Klang Thu, 17 Nov 2022 00:16:18 +0000

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The non-profit organization Ocean Cleanup has had two interceptors in Sungai Klang for a number of years.

The first was Interceptor 002 and the second was Interceptor 005.

Put simply, they want to rid the oceans of plastic and the interceptors work in rivers to prevent plastic waste from entering the oceans.

According to the Ocean Cleanup website, the Interceptor was designed for mass production for rapid deployment in the world’s most polluted rivers.

Together with the local government, the Interceptor served as an adjunct to the Selangor Maritime Gateway initiative aimed at rejuvenating Sungai Klang.

Interceptor 002 was deployed in 2020 while Interceptor 005 is currently undergoing maintenance.

Fun fact: The band Coldplay funded the construction and deployment of Interceptor 005. Ocean Cleanup said it was the first contribution to the 15 million pounds of trash they would be removing from rivers as part of the #TeamSeas campaign.

In the latest update on their Twitter page, Ocean Cleanup announced that they have reached a milestone as Interceptor 002 removed over 1,000,000 kilograms of trash and two “bears” from Sungai Klang.

This was after 157 dumps from 942 dumpsters.

The “bears” in question are two giant teddy bears that somehow found their way into the garbage heaps that ended up in Sungai Klang.

And we wonder why it always floods when it rains for a few hours.

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]]> UFB Direct Banking Review | NextAdvisor with TIME Wed, 16 Nov 2022 19:02:45 +0000

We want to help you make more informed decisions. Certain links on this page – clearly marked – may direct you to a partner website and allow us to earn a referral commission. For more information, see How we make money.

Good for high rates

UFB Direct Banking Review

Direct UFB

Good for high rates

UFB Direct Banking Review

  • inactive mortgage calculation icon

    No monthly transfer limit

  • idle savings calculation icon

    Great savings rate


UFB Direct is a strong online bank with competitive APYs in both money market and high yield savings accounts. But UFB Direct’s other account options are limited, with no current accounts or CDs.

NextAdvisor review


  • Attractive interest rates
  • No transfer limit
  • No minimum deposit for savings

The inconvenients

  • Limited account options
  • $5,000 minimum balance to waive the $10 monthly money market account fee

Additional Details

  • Free ATM card with high yield savings account
  • Access to 91,000 ATMs
  • No minimum deposit required
  • No limit on the number of transfers or withdrawals
  • Must maintain a $5,000 money market account to avoid monthly fees
  • Mortgage options through Axos Bank
  • ATM and POS cash withdrawal limits vary
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • UFB direct deposit accounts are FDIC insured

Editorial independence

We analyze and review banks without the influence of partnerships or advertising relationships. For more information on our scoring methodology, Click here.

Full UFB Direct Review

UFB Direct is a division of Axos Bank, another online financial institution. It is a digital-only online bank, but you can visit its headquarters in San Diego, California. UFB Direct has a limited range of accounts, but competitive interest rates, strong customer service and a range of online banking features are just a few banking products.

Savings accounts

UFB Direct high yield savings account is on our list of best savings account rates and offers an always competitive interest rate. There are no monthly maintenance service fees, minimum deposit requirements or minimum balance requirements.

The account comes with an ATM card that you can use to deposit and withdraw money from ATMs across the country, but you’ll also have options to bank entirely online or through a mobile app. For example, you can use mobile deposit for checks and SMS messaging for banking when you don’t have Wi-Fi, or transfer money using ACH and bank transfers. Unlike some other banks, there is no limit to the number of transfers or withdrawals you can make each month.

However, there are a few fees and limitations to keep in mind. Incoming wire transfers are free, but outgoing domestic transfers cost $35 each and outgoing international transfers cost $45 each. There are also certain limits on the amount you can withdraw with your ATM card, which may vary depending on whether you are making withdrawals at an ATM or making a transaction at a point of sale. Finally, you can transfer up to $30,000 to or from your account in a single day, and up to $60,000 per month.

Read more: The highest savings account rate right now is 3.83% APY. Here’s where you can get it

Money market accounts

UFB Direct’s Money Market Account also has a competitive interest rate and online banking features similar to High Yield Savings.

The main difference between these two account types is the $10 monthly maintenance fee that you can incur with a money market account. You can avoid fees by maintaining at least a minimum balance of $5,000 each month.

The same fees apply to money market accounts as to savings accounts, including wire transfer limits, cash withdrawals, and point-of-sale transactions.

Pro tip

UFB Direct deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per user per account type. However, if you are also an Axos Bank customer and have deposits with that bank, your combined balance will be used to determine FDIC coverage. This means that you will be covered for up to $250,000 between your accounts with the two banks.

Others products

UFB Direct’s banking products are limited to high yield savings and money market accounts. However, it also offers several types of home loans, through its partner bank Axos Bank. Some features include multiple mortgage options, refinance services, and lender fee waivers if you meet certain conditions. Additionally, you can earn a percentage of cash back on your loan repayments with Axos if you also have a checking account with the bank.

Customer service

Compared to the other banks we’ve reviewed, UFB Direct scores highly for both customer service and communication. It offers great flexibility to customers when they need help.

You can reach UFB Direct by online chat, phone and mail. The bank’s site has a dedicated resource section with frequently asked questions for new and existing customers, and about the service. Although you can send a secure message through your online account to a representative, a direct bank email address is not readily available.

UFB Direct’s app is also highly rated on Google Play and the App Store, with 4.5 and 4.8 stars respectively. Customers appreciate the check deposit feature and simple banking tools. However, some reviewers mention connection issues and longer than expected bank transfer times.


UFB Direct does not list any accessibility efforts or support contacts on its website. We have contacted the bank for further information on the accessibility of the site, but have not received a response at the time of publication. We will share an update if it is available.

Is UFB Direct for you?

If you are looking to take advantage of competitive rates for your savings balance, UFB Direct is a good option.

Keep in mind that bank account options are limited. There is a high yield savings account and a money market account. Other common banking products, such as checking accounts and certificates of deposit, are not available. If you’re looking for one place to do all your banking to easily transfer between accounts at the same institution, you might want to consider other options.

But even beyond its exceptional rates, UFB Direct’s high-yield savings have big advantages. These include no fees, no minimums, and even no transfer or withdrawal limits, which can be helpful for months when you may have several unforeseen costs, such as car or home repairs.

However, if you’re interested in the bank’s money market account, be prepared to maintain a balance of at least $5,000 to avoid the $10 monthly fee.

UFB Direct also makes online banking easier with features that can help you streamline deposits and transfers online or through the mobile app. And ATM access means you’ll also have the ability to deposit and withdraw cash as needed. The bank does not offer a list of eligible ATMs on site, but once you have created your account, you can find an ATM locator on the online banking portal.

UFB Direct FAQs

Where is UFB Direct located?

There is a UFB Direct branch in San Diego, but otherwise the bank is online only.

Is UFB Direct insured by the FDIC?

Yes, UFB Direct deposits are FDIC insured up to the standard of $250,000 per account.

Does UFB Direct require a minimum balance?

No, UFB Direct does not require a minimum balance for its High Yield Savings or Money Market Accounts. However, you will need a minimum balance of $5,000 in your money market account to avoid a monthly service charge of $10.

Does UFB Direct have a current account?

No, UFB Direct does not have a checking account.

ACEN Holds Annual General Meeting and Assesses Role in Nigeria’s Economic Growth – THISDAYLIVE Wed, 16 Nov 2022 05:25:22 +0000

As part of their key role in benefiting society through the application of safer, cleaner and more efficient infrastructure, the Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria (ACEN) has reaffirmed the commitment of Nigerian consulting engineers to the country’s infrastructure development, especially in view of the current economic challenges.

On the occasion of his 44thth At the annual conference, ACEN President Ajibade Oke stated that the sustainability of the country’s infrastructure development will ensure the stable growth of its economy and even with the global impact of COVID-19 on businesses, including the consulting engineering practice, the crucial role of consulting engineers as drivers Forces in Nigeria’s infrastructural development cannot be overstated.

He called for cooperation between construction industry stakeholders and with relevant government agencies to take full advantage of Presidential Executive Order 5.

In his keynote address on “The Role of Consulting Engineers in Infrastructure Development in a Declining Economy”, Minister for Works and Housing Mr. Babatunde Fashola stated that the Nigerian economy has survived despite two recessions in the past six years.

While acknowledging that the first recession in 2014 was predicted by the then finance minister, Fashola noted that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government’s commitment to massive infrastructure, as evidenced by its near-increased capital budget, is one of the strategies the The impact lessened, and the economy grew rapidly.

The President of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Ali Rabiu, also noted that engineers play a crucial role in the development of the country’s infrastructure and economy.

Similarly, the Chair of the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON), Samson Opaluwah, represented by Bldr Adenike Saheed, commended the conference’s carefully chosen topic, which he described as “the most appropriate” given the current state of Nigeria’s economy, with high praise inflation and stagnation.