Fox Lake Reports Economic Growth: Redevelopment Authority Shares Success | Regional news


A proposal for the city to install a $ 600,000 road along with sewage and water was rejected by the group as unaffordable. The developer is proposing the construction of 14-16 homes on either side of Oaks Road in the town of Fox Lake. An annexation of this country would also be necessary.

The Schley Farm owner has proposed selling vacant land to the city for $ 35,000 an acre to allow for the expansion of the city’s industrial park. The idea was rejected as unaffordable as fully developed land in Beaver Dam Industrial Park sells for $ 25,000 per acre.

Updates were shared for Karavan Trailer Inc., residential lots on O’Connell Street, and Clausen Park redevelopment represented by Becky Boussian and redevelopment agency member Sarah Theander. Fundraising is raised with a golf excursion scheduled for Sunday 29th August and a day at the park with a fisherman and other activities on Saturday 4th September.

Friends of Clausen Park has a total budget of $ 198,000. The first year includes play equipment with benches along the Beaver Dam River, kayak storage, cordoning off the overflow parking lot, maintenance and repair of the current piers, a structure with information about local restaurants and shops, and the removal of existing equipment near the kayak storage structure. The price is $ 80,000. In the second year, the group hopes to raise funds for a kayak launch and additional piers. The projects amount to $ 95,000. In the third year, bathroom repairs or replacements are planned for a total of $ 23,000.


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