GaDOE includes the Bulloch school district in the partnership program for economic development

Bulloch County Schools has been accepted into the State Economic Development Partnership program for 2021-2022 by the Georgia Department of Education. The partnership is a district-wide certification process that prepares school districts to adopt best practices and behaviors that support economic development, strengthen their programs, and align education with key regional industries.

“It is an honor to be included in the program to designate the Economic Development Partnership 2021-2022,” said Dr. Julie Chance, Executive Director of Program Improvement for Bulloch County Schools. “We would like to thank the Bulloch County Development Agency and the Great Dane for representing our economic development, business and industrial stakeholders during our application process. These strong partnerships reflect our ongoing collaboration to prepare our students for successful careers and to build an educated, skilled and efficient workforce for Bulloch County’s economic growth. “

In terms of economic development, the partnership increases the ability of school systems like Bulloch to play key roles in attracting and expanding businesses, as well as developing talent for their communities. Chance will partner with Bethany Gilliam, School District Director of Technical and Agricultural Education, with local businesses and industry representatives and economic development advocates to work towards earning the state award.

To qualify for appointment, school districts must meet the required elements, which include an emphasis on business-industrial partnerships, the strength of local offerings for the vocational technical and agricultural education programs for students, and the school district’s activities related to economic development. Chance, Gilliam and other key district leaders will work with officials from the Georgia Department of Education during the next fiscal year on their path to full nomination as a District Economic Development Partnership. The country will announce successful recipients in the summer of 2022.

Dr. Barbara Wall, Head of Vocational Training for Technology and Agriculture in the state, is delighted with this year’s naming program. In a written statement from the state, she said, “The economic development partnership designation supports a school district’s ability to contribute effectively to its local and regional staff development efforts. The partnership enables school districts to tailor their programs to the needs of their local labor market. Fostering a strong relationship between education, business and industry and economic development stakeholders ensures that we continue to offer high quality industry-relevant programs that are the same for all students and support the development of the local talent pipeline both now and in the future. I am very proud of the districts that applied and were accepted into the program for this year. Our team looks forward to working with you on your way. “

Bulloch County Schools’ technical and agricultural vocational education program helps prepare students for their next steps after high school, whether it be enrolling in college, enlisting in a branch of our nation’s military, or entering a sought-after, high-paying career. The school district’s state-approved career path courses leverage partnerships with industry and academia to ensure students acquire the skills necessary for immediate and future employment. The Bulloch County Schools program offers students courses in 13 different career clusters and 23 high school career paths and three middle school career paths. All three grammar schools in the school district also offer extra-occupational learning opportunities for pupils.

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