“Get vaccinated or choose to die,” a doctor advocates for nationwide vaccinations


(KLFY) – Dr. Catherine O’Neal, chief medical director at Our Lady of the Lake, says the Delta variety is now the dominant variety in Louisiana.

“It hides in our body for a while. It’s sneaky and it’s a beast. It’s killing us, ”explains O’Neal.

Health officials say it is responsible for a rapid surge in cases and hospital stays.

O’Neal continues, “We’re seeing an increase in admissions, office visits, and intubated children.”

Governor John Bel Edwards says the state is moving into dangerous territory.

Here are some numbers:
In two weeks, COVID-19 positive cases have increased 167%
In 14 days, the state saw 245 new hospital admissions

“Of course it has to do with two things. Number one is the delta variant, and secondly, the vaccination rates are completely inadequate, ”says Edwards.

As of February, 97% of deaths and hospital admissions have been due to unvaccinated people.

O’Neal adds, “I want to be clear. We have two options of getting vaccinated or choosing to die. “

The Medical Director of Region 4, Dr. Tina Stefanski says that while vaccinations are available to everyone ages 12 and older, Louisiana continues to lag behind the national average for vaccination rates.

“COVID is unpredictable. I don’t think anyone thought we were where we are now. It changed the picture, ”says Stefanski.


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