Governor Spencer Cox says the decision to require vaccinations or tests should be left to the company

Governor Spencer Cox speaks during his monthly press conference in Salt Lake City on March 18. Cox called on a letter from the US Department of Education warning that Utah could “extremely” threaten legal action over school masking bans to protect students from COVID-19. “(Spenser Heaps, Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Spencer Cox says he wants companies in Utah to choose whether or not to need COVID-19 vaccines or testing for their employees.

“We support vaccines as the best way to end this pandemic and keep people safe,” Cox told KSL NewsRadio. “We also support market-based solutions that enable companies to request or not require vaccinations as they see fit.”

On Wednesday, Utah lawmakers debated whether to ban companies from requesting vaccines in light of President Biden’s federal vaccination mandates, and debated whether the state should do so.

A group opposed to corporate vaccine mandates presented to the Health and Welfare Committee why Utah needs this law. However, some legislators wondered whether a state law would have any effect if there were ultimately a federal law.

As a result, no law has yet been proposed in Utah and no legislature has taken any action after the meeting.

President Joe Biden has directed companies with more than 100 employees to request vaccines or test employees on a weekly basis.

Governor Cox has said he has “serious legality” concerns about President Biden’s vaccine mandate plan.

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