How much do you want to borrow? Flexible payday loans up to SEK 50,000


Decide for yourself the rate at which you want to pay off your payday loan and how much it will cost each month. Customize your personal payday loan with exactly the amount and repayment time you have imagined.

By signing the payday loan agreement digitally, you can speed up the payment of the money by using BankID or other e-ID.

In order to apply for a payday loan from providers, you must have turned 20 and have no payment remarks

If you want, you can pay back all or part of the payday loan early.

Payday loan from providers

Payday loan from providers

You may have heard the term “mini payday loan” but not really understood how it differs from other small payday loans such as small payday loans and quick payday loans.

Before you can decide which type of payday loan is best for your particular situation, you first need to get an overview and understand what types of payday loans are available on the market so that you can make a well-balanced and informed decision.

A mini payday loan from is a small payday loan from SEK 1,000 and up to SEK 10,000. These small flexible payday loans meet the demand for small credits that are available to many consumers.

The payday loan provides immediate access to cash with a fixed repayment period of one, two or three years.

The minimum payday loan from is provided at reasonable terms with an average interest rate of less than ten percent.

If the payday loan is repaid in time, it creates a good relationship with the lender, which can give lower interest rates on future mini payday loans.

With this payday loan, the customer can choose the amount himself and see directly how much the installment including interest will be each month based on the conditions chosen.

This means that the customer gets a clear picture of the repayment period in relation to the payday loan amount and can then choose an optimal payday loan.

Although the mini payday loan has lower interest rates than SMS payday loans and other types of quick payday loans, it is important to be cautious; It can certainly be perceived as a great relief for anyone who needs immediate access to fast money because of an unexpected expense of being able to search and get an answer directly but only borrow if it is absolutely necessary.

If you are in a situation where you need money fast, you can check out the mini payday loan to gain access to small amounts of cash quickly.

The money can be used for any conceivable expenses such as travel or purchase of study material such as books and other necessities.

The biggest advantage of a mini payday loan on the net is that it is comfortable, fast and easy and fixes the money needed.