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Panaji: Goa’s biodiversity conservation movement is set to receive a big boost early next year as the state begins developing the Goa state’s biodiversity strategy and action plan. It is an initiative of the Union’s Ministry of the Environment, in which every state and area of ​​the Union is provided with a broad framework on the basis of which a detailed action plan for the conservation of biological diversity must be formulated.
Goa has formed a team of 45, one of the largest for any government program that encompasses areas from agriculture to architecture in addition to conservation efforts. The committee’s first meeting took place on Tuesday and the two-hour session was chaired by Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral.
Pradeep Sarmokadam, member of the secretary of the Goa State Biodiversity Board, said while Karnataka had completed its biodiversity action plan in the shortest possible time frame of 15 months, Goa should attempt to complete the effort within six months. The implementation of the plan can then begin at the earliest.
“We already have a biodiversity plan that was drawn up beforehand. But it is mainly a meticulous documentation of Goa’s biodiversity. With this document already here, what we need now is a strategy and an implementation plan to move conservation forward. The document should be designed so that even the common man can refer to it and learn how to conserve biodiversity on an individual level, ”he said.
At the same time, the strategy and action plan is intended to serve as a policy document to which various departments can refer to framework concepts that take the conservation of biodiversity into account.
Various committees and sub-committees were set up on Tuesday to advance work on drawing up the Action Plan. Committees have been formed to develop plans on, among other things, sensitive ecosystems, coastal and marine ecosystems, sustainable practices, traditional knowledge.
One of the suggestions that committee members received at the first meeting was to encourage government agencies to use environmentally friendly materials to renovate springs and traditional drains and other waterways. Members suggested that only native fruit trees be planted as part of the city’s beautification.

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