The Feast of Clowns festival features murals and artwork highlighting Pretoria’s unique strengths and biodiversity

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Pretoria – Murals to highlight Pretoria’s unique strengths and biodiversity will be back on the agenda this year when the annual Clown Festival returns.

The festival, organized in collaboration with the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, opened with a wall art workshop in Burgers Park. The first mural that was part of the festival was unveiled.

The theme this year is “The Courage To Be” and all other activities over the next few weeks will take this point of view into account.

The first to be revealed was the artwork by the mural painter Johnny Allisson of Vektor Productions. Courage To Be aims to address the issue of bravery by highlighting three separate characters as three symbols / archetypes of bravery – The Impaired, The Elderly and The Creators.

“This piece consists of birds in full flight and a vast, sluggish river that flows up to the sun as it connects them all. This sun is repeated three times to symbolize how this force is above us, behind us and within us, ”he said.

Allisson added that it was important to highlight Pretoria’s unique strengths and incredible biodiversity as the mural is located at the headquarters of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation.

“The work of art underlines the beautiful architecture of the city, its diverse and incredibly rich culture. It brings light into the environment, which promotes a harmonious state of being. “

Victoria Boshoga of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation said 10 murals will be made in 10 different locations and buildings around the city center, and all will be officially unveiled on October 16.

Amy van der Walt of Vektor Productions said the rest of the murals will be painted over the next two weeks in preparation for Community Day on October 9th.

“On this day, the community relevant to the wall to be painted has the opportunity to paint with the artist. In this way, the community can take possession of the walls that have been placed in their immediate vicinity. “

Among the artworks on display is the clown Sakhumzi, who yesterday guided attendees through the use of clowning to raise awareness, promote advocacy and create flash mobs.

Citizen participation, the courage to express one’s opinion and the role of the arts in community work will also be discussed throughout the city as part of the festival.

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